A good lesson on how not to balance the transportation budget

Yes, I emailed and sent a letter to my representatives to hopefully reverse this very bad trend.  I just don’t understand why @MichelleObama and the @letsmove program would not help.  This is all tied together.  If you have safe places to ride your bike (as a kid), you are able to keep that enjoyment for as a adult and keep that healthy lifestyle throughout life (not just fixing a kids obesity problem – which is back to being a parent problem).

It is funny to see the response to some of these auto emailers on request them to reconsider the budget.  Politely saying we did all we can do.  Come on @cascadebicycle @BikeLeague and everyone else who rides, get the word out to people outside the boxes.

Dear Kevin,
Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts on the proposed transportation package.
I understand your concern towards Washington State’s tremendous transportation challenges, especially the funding of projects that can provide people with more safe transit and healthy communities.
It is my strong belief that the state’s transportation needs go far beyond simply preserving state highways. Due to the substantial amount of Washington’s transportation needs, the state will have to take action soon in order to ensure the continuance of our existing infrastructure — including transit and other modes of transportation.
In order to help things move along Governor Chris Gregoire’ s revenue package will invest in the ferry system, storm water, local roads, state patrol, transit and more. Her proposals provide an important down payment on the long-term transportation investments Washington needs to fuel job growth and a strong 21st century economy. I believe these proposals are a great starting point that will help set us on a course that is responsible and necessary. It is unfortunate that finding revenue to fund important projects such as the Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety, Safe Routes to School, Complete Streets and Main Street Highways and Regional Mobility grant programs, is hard to do right now. It has become clear that it will take more than one session to address the unmet needs from falling revenue and growing needs. 
Please keep in mind that the proposed packages are just a starting point, not a final product. Many of the proposals are only suggestions at this point. Currently, there are efforts in both the House and Senate to create a separate small revenue package that would include funding for bike and pedestrian programs, but like other revenue, it is challenging to come by. It will take some time to justly address the growing transportation needs of this state, but understand that I will be carefully listening to everyone’s input as we start to consider potential adjustments to the revenue package and where the investments will go.
Thank you for your comments and concerns. I truly appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. 
Judy Clibborn
State Representative
41st Legislative District
Chair, Transportation Committee
Health Care & Wellness Committee

And the auto email I originally sent:

—–Original Message—–
From: Kevin Hasley [mailto:kevinhasley@gmail.com
Sent: Thursday, January 19, 2012 5:59 PM
To: Clibborn, Rep. Judy
Subject: Balance the Transportation Package
I commend the Governor for starting the important conversation of how we fund and build a 21st century transportation system through her proposed transportation package, and for proposing a package that prioritizes preserving our current transportation system. 
But I am disappointed that on the whole her proposed package does little more than attempt to maintain our crumbling status quo. 
Washington faces tremendous transportation challenges.  Our state has over $1.6 billion in unfunded bicycle and pedestrian projects.  Transit ridership continues to rise, but revenue for service continues to decline.  Ferries are past their life expectancy.  Single-occupancy vehicles cause too much toxic runoff and global warming pollution.  The road repair backlog runs into the billions of dollars. 
While a positive start to the conversation, the Governor’s proposal does not help our state rise to the challenges we face, nor does it prepare our state for the future.  Bicycle projects reduce congestion and our dependence on oil, create more jobs than highway construction, and provide Washingtonians with more options to safely get where they need to go.  Yet the proposed package dedicates 72 percent to roads, only 4 percent to transit and nothing to bicycle and pedestrian projects.
Please balance this package to support the principles of fix-it first, more transit, and build great, healthy communities while making sure that it adequately funds the Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety, Safe Routes to School, Complete Streets and Main Street Highways and Regional Mobility grant programs.
Especially during these challenging economic times, if we are going to spend billions of limited taxpayer dollars on our transportation system, we must do more than tread water and maintain the status quo.
Thank you for your service to our state,
Kevin Hasley
415 111th Ave SE
Bellevue, WA 98004
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